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Atishoo and Bless You! The ABC of Mucus Management

As a regular sufferer of all kinds of catarrh and sinusitis problems, I've long felt that it would be great to have a easy-reference guide on the market, offering helpful hints to making me and my fellow-sufferers get better quickly. Well, I've not been able to find one, so I thought I'd write my own, so here it is:


Sinusitis? Catarrh? That awful feeling of nausea? Yes, you've got the dreaded problem of mucus. It's nasty and debilitating and nobody seems to want to talk about it, but don't worry, as you're not alone! Written by a fellow-sufferer, The ABC of Mucus Management takes you through a series of suggested remedies, tips and tricks to manage your sinusitis and catarrh issues. It will help ease your discomfort, shorten your period of illness and prevent your next attack. Atishoo and bless you!

I hope that this little book will provide some essential help to all you catarrh and sinusitis sufferers out there - happy reading and bless you!

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