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Second Time Around - Erin Kaye

I was in the mood for a happy book and this one definitely fitted the bill. I liked the set-up of an older woman and younger man within the romantic comedy genre and thought that was fun. However, the younger man declares undying love way too soon and is rather melodramatic on occasions which I thought was utterly unrealistic, so I'm not really sure I entirely believed the main relationship.


However, there's enough else going on in the family relationship sagas to keep the interest up, though the wicked evangelical Christian was just a ridiculous caricature and made me snort with disbelief far too many times. He was so dreadful I began to feel quite sorry for him really.


Still, the writing is on the whole lively and energetic and certainly made me keep on reading. I'll definitely try another Kaye novel again, though she needs to keep a rein on the urge to go the Mills & Boon route!