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Book News: Gay romantic thriller The Bones of Summer

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I have just republished gay romantic thriller The Bones of Summer on the Kindle for 99p only. It's the second in the Maloney crime series, but both books can be read as standalone stories.


Here's the blurb:

When Craig Robertson's religious fanatic father disappears, Craig is forced to return to the home he left behind after an underage affair in order to look for answers. He takes with him his new lover, private investigator Paul Maloney, who is more than willing to help solve the mystery. 

The search soon becomes an investigation into Craig's past, and, because of distressing gaps in his memory, he's terrified of the truths he might find. As Craig's obsession with uncovering clues grows, his fragile relationship with Paul begins to disintegrate. Haunted and stalked, Craig has to face down the horror of his memories if he wants to have any hope of a future at all. 

The Bones of Summer was awarded third place in the inaugural 2009 Rainbow Mystery Fiction Awards. 


"All I can do is recommend that you read The Bones of Summer. Actually, this goes beyond recommendation to a plea - if you like mystery; if you like character driven books; if you like reading compulsively, unable to part with the story for even a short time; then you must read this book.” [From a 5+ star review at Jessewave Reviews] 

The Bones of Summer by Anne Brooke is an exceptionally well written and thrilling mystery novel. This novel grabbed a hold of me almost immediately and would not let go. I found myself reading until the early morning hours. The last few chapters are especially chilling and will stay with me for a long time.” [From a 4.5 star review at Romance Junkies Reviews] 

"Well, Anne Brooke has done it to me again. I read the first book in the series (Maloney's Law) where Paul Maloney, a broken man, was the main character. At the end of the book, he met Craig Robertson and even though they didn't end up together, they established a connection. This is Craig's story. And what a story it is." [From a 4-star review at Mrs Condit Reviews]

Here's the buy link at Amazon for you: myBook.to/BonesBrooke

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