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Erring on the side of sweetness

Me And Mr Jones - Lucy Diamond

This is a perfectly decent read, though slow to start - but once it gets going in the middle, I really enjoyed it, and was swept along by the lives of the three Jones' wives/women. Some of the storyline in the middle is top notch - dramatic without being melodramatic and very tense indeed.


Up until the end I was prepared to give it 4 stars but, my dears, the end chapters are just sooooo irritatingly sugary-sweet and everything is just sooo perfectly lovely and unrealistically happy-ever-after that quite honestly it set my teeth on edge - they're still hurting! - so my rating has dropped to a 3 star.


This author is obviously good, but needs an editor prepared to cut the c**p and stop the Mills & Boon-type overindulgence. I hope she gets that.