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Cliche City but I kept on reading

Good Husband Material - Trisha Ashley

This book promised much but delivered little in terms of character or plot. It's seriously overwritten and events take an absolute age to be described and dealt with. So much so that what I thought must surely be a time period of about six months turned out to be just a month, so the descriptions do drag themselves out to a painful extent.


The characters are also wearingly cliched - I didn't believe any husband would be as utterly appalling and without any good points at all as James was - it got to the stage when I just kept laughing in a resigned fashion and rolling my eyes at how horrid he was. Mind you, Tish is such a wet blanket and emotional dunderhead that part of me really couldn't blame him.


The romance between Tish and the rock star has no heat about it at all, and I cared not a hoot about whether they got together or not. Which is a bit of a downer in a romance novel, I have to say - they just weren't interesting enough.


However, with all that said, I do think that Ms Ashley's writing itself (if a good editor would just sort the descriptions out and cut the timeline nonsense) is pretty good - after all, it made me read to the end, even though I hated the people. So I suspect that this author would do a lot better with a sleeker story and less dull characters, so I may well try another of her books at some point.