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Magical and moving, for the most part

Searching for Lincoln's Ghost - Barbara J. Dzikowski

This is a magical and very moving book about a difficult childhood and I was caught up in  it from the very beginning. The young girl Andi is a brilliant narrator and her view of the situations at her school and the people she meets there is extremely gripping.


Up until the last few pages, I was fully intending to give this 5 stars. But for some reason I can't fathom, the last few pages are given up to a blatant advert for that totally dreadful book "The Prophet" - which I've always found to be laughably and teeth-achingly bad, and utter quasi-religious claptrap. This was a great shame, as Andi deserves better than to have that as the last thing I remember about her.


So, very good, but sadly spoiled by those last few pages.