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Chance, Murder and the importance of intersex folk

Book News:


My gay BDSM comedy, Taking a Chance, will be published by Wilde City Press on Wednesday 6 November, so I hope you enjoy the read. Here's the blurb:

The moment model and part-time actor Benjamin spots the sexually alluring Alan outside his local restaurant one night, he's determined to get to know him better. Much better. So he takes a chance and pretends to be Timothy, the blind date Alan is waiting for. 
When Alan asks him about submission, safe words and spanking, Benjamin knows the sensible thing to do is to make his apologies and leave. Funny then how his body keeps telling him something different, and instead he finds himself strangely eager to know more. Will it be a date to remember, and if Alan discovers his deceit, could he ever be persuaded to take any kind of a chance on Benjamin?

Turning to current work, gay thriller A Dangerous Man briefly found itself at the dizzy heights of No 87 in the Amazon UK Gay Fiction charts, so that was a pleasant surprise. And gay-themed fantasy novel, The Executioner's Cane, gained a very nice review at Amazon US:

"This series was nothing as I expected. I was drawn deeper with each chapter til I couldn't wait to pick up the book at every spare moment. It was beautifully written and I hope there will be more. Thank you Ms Brooke."

Why, thank you, Tx-N. Much appreciated.

Life News:

The storm last weekend left one front fence panel down and a large section of the farmer's tree across our back fence. K nobly went out first thing in the wind and the rain (what a hero!) and cut it into pieces small enough to take down. The back fence seems to have survived the experience, which is something of a miracle.

This week, I also got terribly confused during my Tesco online shop and instead of ordering two carrots, I seem to have ordered two tons (or almost!) of carrots. Cue a week of carrots with everything, carrot soup, and of course the carrot cake I actually bought the carrots for.

Anyone in the area who needs carrots is welcome to their selection of my carrot mountain, hey ho. Yesterday, there was Deep Trauma at the village shop when - horror of horrors! - the Daily Telegraph did not get delivered. My dears, the villagers were almost rioting. I had to send K into Godalming to get my copy as of course I cannot start my weekend without it.

Ooh, and there's fantastic news in Germany, which is the first European country to acknowledge the existence of intersex people. Quite right too! Being male or female is way too narrow a choice, and totally unrealistic - the whole thing is a sliding scale in my opinion, and those people who are born with features of both genders should definitely notbe swept under the carpet by society. So good on Sarah Graham for her very sensible words here. I hope the UK can hurry up and catch up with the way things are too, and the sooner the better.

Meanwhile in the garden, the Durban canna is out in bloom, and the acer in the front garden is showing its autumn finery.

But the best news of the week is the totally amazing and very classy performance of Time, Murderer, Please by the ever-reliable Players of Elstead Theatre Society. A special mention of course for my lovely husband who took the role of the policeman George, and totally nailed it. A wonderful evening indeed!

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