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There Goes The Bride by M C Beaton (an Agatha Raisin mystery)

There Goes the Bride - M.C. Beaton

I've been ill for several days so have had a chance to do a heck of a lot of reading, and am now feeling well enough to catch up on some brief reviews too.


This book is light and easy, though not well written at all. Still, it dashes along at a merry pace and I was far from wanting anything remotely intellectual, so it fitted the bill adequately enough. The plot lines are bizarre and there's a heck of a lot of them even in one slim novel, there's a lot of telling and very little showing, but I do have to say I liked Agatha, the mid-50s no-holds-barred detective who's definitely a Game Bird in the best British crime tradition.


I wouldn't want to read much more of it now I'm better, but there are acres of books in this series so next time I'm ill, I'll get a job-lot of them.