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The Saturday Supper Club by Amy Bratley (romantic fiction)

The Saturday Supper Club - Amy Bratley

I quite enjoyed this one, and the recipes and dinner parties were great fun - even though I'm not a fan of these Dining Competition shows. However, Eve's a strong character and carries the romantic will-she won't-she and which-man-will-she-choose storyline very well. I also very much enjoyed the family intrigue.


That said, it does go downhill about 75% of the way through, as what Eve's sister gets up to is frankly appalling and I wouldn't have been anywhere near so forgiving - so that seemed unrealistic to me. I also thought the two men weren't a great choice, and Eve should have ditched them both and just got on with her life. So, for me the decision she makes concerning which man at the end is definitely the wrong one and I groaned and threw the book across the room at that point.


Still, it's well written so I'd try more Bratley books in the future.