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Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Jill Mansell

Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Jill Mansell

Now this was a pleasant surprise indeed. Somehow I've had in my head for a long time that I really can't stand Jill Mansell books, but I picked this one up to make up the numbers for a 3 for 2 deal, and absolutely loved it.


I really enjoyed having the male and female points of view of a budding romance, and also other viewpoints from the key villagers and neighbours of the couple concerned. There were also some passages which made me cry, particularly at the beginning with the loss of our hero's sister (in the blurb, so no spoiler).


The comedy and social irony is just spot on, and the baby wasn't too intrusive - I'm not a baby fan, so it's definitely not a gooey book (thank goodness). The story made me laugh and it made me cheer, so what more can I ask for? I will be trying more Mansell books in the future.