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Who Needs Mr Darcy? by Jean Burnett

Who Needs Mr Darcy? - Jean Burnett

This is a real laugh and I loved it! At last the truth about the glamorous, light-hearted and very naughty indeed Miss Lydia Bennett is revealed, and a gloriously comic and gripping revelation it is too.


The main character makes for a wonderful and very charming anti-heroine who gets involved with Regency highwaymen, the Prince Regent, his wife, a doomed ex-Banker prisoner and a wide variety of dodgy noblemen - all in her search for a man to keep her in the manner she'd like to become accustomed to. Pemberley, Elizabeth and Darcy have never seemed so dull, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


How I hope naughty Miss Lydia's adventures and sheer joie de vivre don't end here, and we can read all about her further adventures very soon.