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Science made dull ...

Forever - Pati Nagle

This start off quite well, but soon becomes very dull indeed. It's an interesting premise - a group of alien beings on earth who are infected and need saving by a human intelligent enough to start to find a cure. Sadly, that human, Steven, is incredibly girly, shallow and obsessed with food. The characters spend so long in the kitchen, eating or talking about food that it made me want to scream and I was desperate for some plot. Any plot. I just had to skip a lot of the last half as it became so irritating. There was one point when Steven cheats on his (alien) boyfriend Lomen and has the brilliant(!) idea about making it up to him by buying him an ice cream. Honestly?!? It was laughable. In essence, this would have been better as a short story, but really there's not nearly enough to make a novel, and it needs a far bolder choice of lead.