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The Beginning of Knowledge ~ Anne Brooke

The Beginning of Knowledge (Charlie Harding Presents) - Anne Brooke

That was a tough one for me. Not because of the MC (Alan) trying to deal with the discovery about his sadistic tendencies while beeing a nice guy and a campus social worker who helps lost college students in his daytime life.

No, it was hard because there wasn't a real connection between Alan and his masochistic shagbuddy Luke. They weren't lovers, they just fucked. Alan didn't deal well with his new side. He tried to ignore and deny it and of course that made dealing with the situation much worser. He wanted help but couldn't talk about his feelings and thoughts, not with Luke and not with a campus psychologist.

I have to admit I didn't like him. First he seemed to be a nice guy but when the sadomasochism between him and Luke started he became whiny about everything except when he fucked Luke and all his aggressiveness was set free.


How would I've reacted if I had been put in Alan's place? I have no clue. But I hope I would have coped better. It's not a crime to be a sadist and find a masochist for sexuell encounter, isn't it? And Luke really liked the way he was treated by Alan.

At the end he was the much stronger character in this novella. He had accepted his fetish a long time ago and couldn't deal with Alan who didn't. Alan was literally just at the beginning of knowledge...

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I do liked the writing style. It was strong, rough and matched the emotional furore of the MC. All in all it was an interesting read. I've recognized while reading this (and comparing it to Luke's Brutal Abduction by Brad Vance) that I do like BDSM in a story but there must be also a connection between the MCs to make me happy. It mustn't be love or a HEA but they should share more than just bodily fluids.


I think I'm giving Anne Brooke's books another chance soon because the story stuck in my mind over weeks. Maybe I should pick a longer one because I don't fancy novellas so much.


Nonetheless a thank you to Anne Brooke. I won a copy of The Beginning of Knowledge here on BookLikes.