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Review of "The Heart's Greater Silence" by Anne Brooke

Reblogged from Mismatched Bookends:

I won this short story from booklikes.


If you do not like graphic sexual descriptions this is not for you. I hate to say this about sex in books but I can take it or leave it. Anne, I think it would be correct to say, does a great job in describing sex and sex acts. But for the real bulk of the story, there is more to it.


It is so funny I just read a short story from her yesterday where the sex was hidden and not spoken about. And then today I read this where it is all out in the open.


But the real story here is about Mark. A man who has a boyfriend he loves, Craig.


But he is sleeping with Richard. And Richard is a priest.


So what happens when, for the first time Richard comes over to Mark's house because Craig is supposed to be out for the evening, but Craig comes home early?

What happens to Mark and Richard?


Will Mark choose Craig over Richard? And will Richard choose God over Mark?


We find out about both men and their faith in God.


This was a very interesting story and if you are not looking closely it seems all about sex but it is not. At least that is how I see it.


If it had a good storyline, I would be able to get past the sex, I am not prude but everyone is different, and read another story like this especially from this author.