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Contemporary gay romance and fantasy writer. Also loves flowers and bakes the occasional cake. Sometimes they're edible ...

Lemon drizzle and the Paranormal Detective


Today's cake is Lemon Drizzle cake. Quite an easy one to make, and no great problems with it. But it's so useful having a husband who grates the lemon rind for me as it's not a job I like. What a hero!

Who would this cake be perfect for? Well, my money's on Jack Atkinson, owner of The Paranormal Detection Agency. He's got a sharp eye and just a touch of sweetness so it would be the ideal combination. It might well help him in his dealings with his rather tricky client, Aaron Riley, too. Aaron's a forensic accountant living in a rather scary haunted house and hedefinitely needs some help.

Add to the ingredients Jack's sharp-tongued assistant and aunt, Miranda, not to mention a veritable bevy of water-imps and earth-sprites, and you have a recipe to remember for sure. Why not enjoy a taster by means of this exclusive and sexy extract, and prepare yourself for a dish to remember in a week's time onSunday 15 June?…

Happy reading, and enjoy your day!

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